Calocurb Pure Manufacture

We take a stand for pure gentle processing
Every year at the end of the New Zealand summer our hop flowers are harvested. They stay in Motueka where Amarasate™ is gently extracted using no harsh chemicals. Such a pure extraction process is known as CO2 supercritical extraction. This is the craft that ensures that we just get all the good stuff ‘pure resin extracts’ and none of the hop waste such as hard resins, deteriorated resins, tannins, polyphenols, nitrates, hop protection chemicals, fats and waxes in Amarasate™. Its gentle and completely free hexane or methylene chloride solvents.
Made in the USA – No Chemicals, No Way!
Once pure Amarasate™ lands in the USA it’s gently blended with rosemary and canola oil in a GMP accredited plant blender then its time for these 3 plant-based beauties to make their way into the Calocurb super capsule.
Meet the capsule creators
Note, not all capsules are created equal. Ours is an acid resistant vegetarian capsule that hits just the right spot (on the other side of the stomach) before it releases its contents, where the canola oil helps Amarasate™ extract get right to work in just one hour.
The world leader in capsules design and manufacture, Capsugel is the team behind our clever capsule. Their innovative design releases at just the right spot in the body so Calocurb can get straight to business.
We are proud of our unique formulation, its pure process and all the science that has led to its creation over the last 8 years, so proud our formulation is patent pending, our patent number is AU2018900489.