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It's not your fault if any past healthy eating intensions have failed. We want to share a little secret that might just make all that fall by the wayside: You’re human. Your amazing body and mind have been simply trying to help you survive.

Fact: hunger is the main reason why most heating eating regimes fail

As fat mass reduces and metabolism slows, hunger nearly doubles from baseline. We developed Calocurb off the back of this insight.
"When a consumer starts on a reduced calorie eating regime (25% reduction), over 15 weeks many changes happen: This is a basic evolutionary survival mechanism to ensure the human species was motivated to look for food. Also, the reason why when on a diet, temptation is everywhere in our modern society." (Plant & Food NZ)

Whilst the 1959 study by Dr Albert Stunkard & Mavis McLaren-Hume suggesting that '95% of diets fail' has been heavily debated regarding its significance, it's worth considering that it's not the diet that failing us but our bodies that are overriding the diets.

Our bodies have programmed the brain to increase eating when normal energy levels are reduced. Our physiology and the psychology switch onto survival mode when you reduce your total food intake, meaning your body tries to quickly fix the problem by driving you in the direction of all your favourite foods.

Calocurb a naturally gentle hack

Calocurb works by activating what our scientists call ‘the bitter brake’. The bitter brake occurs when bitter compounds interact with specific receptors in the gut to send a ‘ rebalance signal’ to the brain to help you with emotional, cognitive, and sensory regulation of food intake plus long-term energy
Let Calocurb set you on the path to feeling amazing.
Actively pure Amarasate™
The active ingredient in Calocurb is derived from a rare, New Zealand grown hops flower recognised for its high levels of Alpha acids. We have long known that bitter compounds with high levels of  acids can support a feeling of fullness.
Amarasate™ supports management of appetite, overeating, and hunger so you can feel confident about healthy eating - without feeling jittery.

Scientifically proven

Proven to significantly decrease hunger pangs and portion sizes
To rebalance our hunger and allow us to reset our natural metabolic levels.