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We carried out clinical studies to show just how effective Calocurb is at lowering hunger when taken during fasting and at reducing calorie intake when taken before meals.


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Amarasate™ & Hunger

Hunger spikes naturally at lunchtime and dinnertime, particularly during fasting. Our study shows that the active ingredient in Calocurb (Amarasate™) helps to greatly reduce hunger at these meal times.

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Adapted from.Walker, E.; Lo, K.; Tham, S.; Pahl, M.; Lomiwes, D.; Cooney, J.; Wohlers, M.; Gopal, P. New Zealand Bitter Hops Extract Reduces Hunger During a 24 h Water Only Fast. Nutrients 2019, 11, 2754.


Less increased hunger at 12pm


Less increased hunger at 5pm

Scientifically Proven

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Calocurb works by activating what Plant & Food Research scientists call ‘the bitter brake’. ‘The bitter brake’ occurs when bitter compounds (in this case, a hops flower extract) interact with specific receptors in the gut to send a ‘stop-eating signal’ to the brain.

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Amarasate™ vs Apple Cider Vinegar

Is Calocurb a supercharged ACV?

How Amarasate™ works

Bitter Foods & Fullness

The active ingredient in Calocurb is derived from a rare, New Zealand grown hops flower recognised for its high levels of Alpha acids. We have long known that bitter compounds with high levels of Alpha acids can support a feeling of fullness.

Amarasate™ supports management of appetite, overeating, and hunger so you can feel confident about healthy eating - without feeling jittery.

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If you’re anything like us, the idea of going 12 or more hours without a meal just seems impossible. That is why we designed a 100% plant- based supplement to help get over the hunger hurdles.

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