The active ingredient Amarasate™

No Caffeine. No Stimulants.

No Chemicals. No Jitters.

Amarasate™ - New Zealand Hops

Source: New Zealand
Manufacturer: Amarasate™

The active ingredient in calocurb is a hops flower extract, sourced from clean green New Zealand, with a unique superpower. It’s scientifically shown to cut your calorie intake by 20% at meal or snack time - so you can feel confident about making smart, healthy food choices.

Hey presto – that cheesecake stays on the plate.

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Our Patented Super Capsule

Source: United States Of America
Manufacturer: Capsugel

Not all capsules are created equal. Our USA made super capsule hits just the right spot (on the other side of the stomach) before it releases its contents, where the canola oil helps Amarasate™ get right to work.

We are proud of our unique USA made formulation and all the science that has led to its creation over the last 6 years, so proud our formulation is patented, our patent number is AU2018900489.

Easy to swallow capsules. The Calocurb capsule measures approx. 2cm in length and 0.5cm in width and is a specifically designed soft gel capsule for ease when taking it.

The Benefits

Feel good about feeling good

  1. 100% plant based

    No nasty synthetics inside our capsules.

  2. Natural New Zealand botanicals

    Hops extract grown in clean, green New Zealand.

  3. Vegan / Vegetarian

    There are no animal derivatives in calocurb.

  4. Manufactured in the USA

    Using home grown innovation.

A healthy outside starts
with a healthy inside

When you first start taking Amarasate your body may think, ‘woah, now this is different’, and work to get rid of what you have ingested. This is rare but 💩 happens.
It’s nothing to worry about; this detox is only temporary!

This detox cleanse is a good starting point to flush your system before you head into your Calocurb routine.
Your digestive system will quickly adjust to the active ingredient.  

A panel of five independent scientists recognised Calocurb as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe).

Science made simple

Calocurb works by activating what Plant & Food Research scientists call ‘the bitter brake’. The bitter brake occurs when bitter compounds interact with specific receptors in the gut to send a ‘stop-eating signal’ to the brain.

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Amarasate™ Calocurb Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know that calocurb is a vegetarian/gluten free product?

As a 100% plant-based, natural product, being verifiably vegetarian/gluten free is crucial for calocurb and our customers. We are proud to confirm that all our ingredients, including the capsule, are 100% plant-based and certifiably vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

What is the main active ingredient in calocurb?

The active ingredient in calocurb is Amarasate™ extract – a New Zealand grown hops flower extract developed by Plant & Food Research, the largest Crown Research Institute in New Zealand.

Do the capsules themselves taste bitter?

calocurb capsules are tasteless. Some customers may however notice a slight taste of hops on the breath after taking a capsule – similar to the taste of a hoppy craft beer.

Where does the Amarasate™ extract come from?

The Amarasate™ extract is derived from a specific hops flower variety grown commercially near Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand. It was developed by a team at Plant & Food Research, the largest Crown Research Institute in New Zealand.

Why canola oil?

Alongside our special capsule, canola seed oil helps the hops flower extract release directly in the small intestine where it gets to work. The canola oil in calocurb is certified GMO free, cold-pressed refined and sourced in the USA. We’ll have more to share about our oil ingredient in the future (hint – we’re researching a New Zealand sourced oil.)

What if I do not notice a difference in appetite when taking Calocurb?

We always say that because everyone has a different physiological makeup then some will react differently to the biological affect of Amarasate™. If you are one of the few who have started taking Calocurb and are not seeing any difference in appetite simply try taking two capsules at the same time each day. 

If still no luck after a couple of days please get in touch with us to speak to a wellness coach, sometimes all it takes is some experimenting to get into the right rhythm of when best to take your Calocurb.

Will Calocurb give me jitters? Can I take it at night?

No to jitters - Yes to sleep!

Calocurb is 100% plant-based and is caffeine free. Taking Calocurb will not affect your sleep as it is an all natural supplement. 
No chemicals. No heart races. No jitters. There are no nasties in our wee capsules! 

If you experience late night snacking... we recommend taking one Calocurb at night to beat those pesky cravings.

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