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Activate your willpower

Finally, an appetite management supplement that’s 100% plant-based and free from synthetic chemicals.
No Chemicals. No Caffeine. No Jitters.

Calocurb supports healthy snack choices, portion control & cravings. For best results combine Calocurb with intermittent fasting.

Scientifically Proven

Plant & Food Research

Proven to significantly decrease hunger while fasting and decrease hunger at main mealtimes.

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Goodbye cravings. Hello you

Goodbye cravings.
Hello you

Appetite Management Curb Snacking

Curb Snacking

Appetite Management Curb Cravings

Curb Cravings

Appetite Management Curb Hunger

Curb Hunger

Appetite Management Curb Overeating

Curb Overeating

Made in the United States

Made in the United States

Clean green New Zealand sourced ingredients packed into USA made super capsules.

Cut calorie intake

Cut calorie intake

Proven to help you eat 20% less at meal or snacktime.

100% Plant Based Ingredients

100% Plant Based

All natural, no stimulants, nothing synthetic. Caffeine-free, vegan and certified non-GMO.

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How our active ingredient works

How our active ingredient works

Calocurb is an all natural appetite management supplement.

NZ hops flower (Amarasate™), our hero ingredient, gets to work and activates special cells in the gut which send a 'stop eating' signal to the brain.

One hour later and presto! You feel fuller and eat 20% less.
Take another Calocurb at 5pm if needed. 


/ˈsnax eh dent:/

When you forget your Calocurb & eat a full block of chocolate.

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