8 Blood Sugar Imbalance Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

8 Blood Sugar Imbalance Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

Diabetes, which is also known as a silent killer, affects approximately 34.2 million people in the US. In short, 10.5% of the US population has diabetes. Unfortunately, 7.3 million cases go undetected, which can lead to serious health issues.

Blood sugar imbalance is a lifestyle disease and it is manageable provided you know how to identify its symptoms. Early detection can help in restoring sugar balance and stop the ailment from progressing into full-fledged diabetes. The right blend of  exercise, diet and inclusion of some appetite suppressant pills such as Calocurb can help reverse this health condition to a great extent.

However, many people are unaware of the common blood sugar imbalance symptoms. So, in this blog, we shall discuss 8 symptoms of blood sugar imbalance. 

Symptoms of Blood Sugar Imbalance :

A lot of people are unaware of the blood sugar parameters that suggest whether they are healthy or need to implement some changes. The table below lists the normal blood sugar levels for adults with diabetes:

Target Blood Sugar Level for Diabetes

 Type Level (mg/dl)
Fasting Less than 100
Before Meal 70-130
After Meal (2 hours) Less than 180
Before Exercise 100 ( for patients taking insulin shots)
Bedtime 100-140
A1c Less than or around 7%

Source: WebMD(U. S. A.)


Summary of HbA1c and blood glucose tests used to diagnose diabetes and prediabetes :

Type of test




Gestational diabetes


<_40 mmol /mol

41-49 mmol/mol

>_50 mmol/mol

>_50 mmol/mol

Fasting blood glucose

4.0 and 5.4 mmol/L

6.1 to 6.9 mmol /L

>_7.0 mmol/L

>_5.5 mmol/L

Random glucose



>_11. 1 mmol/L

>_11.1 mmol/L

2 hrs after 75 gms of glucose

<7.8 mmol/L

7.8- 11 mmol/L

>11.1 mmol/L

>_9.0 mmol /L




 Source: https://www.healthnavigator.org.nz/health-a-z/d/diabetes-screening-and-diagnosis/ (N. Z.)

However, you can also know whether you have blood sugar imbalance without any tests. All you need to do is check whether you have any of the symptoms mentioned below. 

8 Early Symptoms Indicate That You Have High Sugar Levels in Your Bloodstream:

  1. Frequent Urination
  2. Excessive sugar in your blood triggers kidneys to flush it out frequently from your body through urine. Frequent urination also leads to increased thirst as your body is eliminating extra amount of water every time you visit the toilet.
    If you have high blood sugar, the urge to urinate does not go away at night, which is often annoying for most people as it wakes them up from deep sleep. If you're experiencing frequent urination at all times of the day, it's best to get your blood sugar levels tested.

  3. Excessive Thirst
  4. Frequent urination and increased thirst go hand in hand. So, if you’ve missed detecting the first symptom, you have a second chance at it too. Sugar imbalance leading to thirst is also a cyclical symptom. If you urinate more than usual, you will also drink more water. Noticed this lately? If yes, then it’s prudent to test your blood sugar levels.    

  5. Persistent fatigue
  6.  A sugar imbalance can cause unrelenting fatigue. This is primarily because the constant thirst and urination dehydrate you and make you feel sluggish. Secondly, this imbalance hinders the way your body uses glucose for energy. Therefore, if your fatigue keeps recurring even after a good night's rest, we recommend you check your blood sugar levels.

  7. Repeated infections
  8. Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar also interferes with your body's immune response. This can make you vulnerable to certain frequent infections like vaginal yeast infections in women and urinary tract infections (UTIs). If you suffer from these infections repeatedly, maybe it's a blood sugar imbalance symptom.

  9. Headaches
  10. Do you suffer from persistent headaches? If you don't have a migraine and have already gotten your eyes checked for acuity and found nothing wrong, perhaps it's a symptom of sugar imbalance. So, instead of depending on painkillers endlessly, it is advisable to meet with your physician to get tested.

  11. Slow wound healing
  12. Your cuts and scrapes will take longer to heal if you have blood sugar imbalance. The reason is blood sugar imbalance interferes with your body's immune response. This is the very reason why your wounds may take longer than usual to heal.

  13. Unusual hunger pangs and cravings
  14. A sugar imbalance can cause mood swings, which often has people reaching out for comfort foods like sweets, fried or processed foods. These cravings in women are not uncommon when approaching their monthly cycle, but any time after that can signal a sugar imbalance.

  15. Mood swings

This blood sugar imbalance symptom is partly responsible for the above symptom that describes unusual food cravings. Simply put, imbalanced blood sugar levels can cause unusual energy bursts that crash and make you feel irritable and fatigued. If you frequently experience this mélange of emotions, it's time to test your blood sugar levels.

The Way Out? Switch to Calocurb

Being detected with blood sugar imbalance can be a reason of worry for a lot of people. However, the condition is manageable provided you introduce some drastic lifestyle changes. Your diet also plays an important role in managing the condition.

However, following a strict diet, which also includes managing your urge to binge on your favorite foods, is easier said than done. This is where Calocurb can be of great help. The 100% plant-based appetite suppressant helps you curb hunger, snacking, cravings and overeating. The scientifically proven appetite suppressant works best with intermittent fasting.


Over to you

The first step to managing your blood sugar level is to get tested in a timely fashion. If your test reveals you have what's called 'Pre-diabetes,' your physician can put you on the path to recovery that saves you from diabetes. The treatment can involve a combination of lifestyle changes, exercise routines, oral supplements, and more. So, seek help immediately if you have one or more symptoms listed above and avert a potential medical crisis. 


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