Hear what other customers have to say

At Calocurb, we are committed to helping you achieve your health goals. Our health coaches and Calocurb experts are always on hand to share the latest research and personalized guidance to help you succeed.

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Hear what other customers have to say
  • "THANK YOU!! We are excited to start offering Calocurb to our patients (and our STAFF are really excited)."

    Susie Walker


  • "I’ve had amazing feedback from a patient who I gave a sample, she’s since purchased some more and has been telling people about them. She reported feeling calmer about food mentally and found she started choosing food she needed rather than wanted even on the first day of taking them."

    Louise McGoldrick

    The Nutrient Nurse

  • "Calocurb is working well for me. I am not hungry in the day and craving snacks and my meal portions are a lot smaller."

    Sally D.

    California, USA.

  • "I suggested Calocurb to a friend and she has been raving to me about how awesome it is! She is also using a semaglutide and has a lot of bad side effects with it but feels so much better using Calocurb but still notices such a difference in her appetite!"

    Anne B.

    New York, USA.

  • "I am definitely interested in providing this for my patients."

    Deshinee Moodley


  • "Ive been taking for the last 6 months and I’ve been able to lose 60 pounds very steadily during that period of time. I had almost no muscle loss at all. 98% of what I lost was fat. I feel markedly better and my exercise tolerance has increased dramatically."

    Dr Terri Hall