8 Natural Remedies to Reverse Diabetes

8 Natural Remedies to Reverse Diabetes

By popular opinion, if diagnosed with diabetes, medication becomes a part of your life. After all, diabetes takes away the bodys’ natural ability to produce the insulin that regulates blood sugar levels, or worse, makes the body insensitive to the effects of available insulin.

Sure, some aspects of diabetes are genetic and cannot be altered. However, there are many non-genetic factors that influence the condition like diet, sleep, physical activity, and even emotional stress, to name a few. And here’s the thing. You can manage your blood sugar and reverse diabetes’ adverse effects to a large extent through diet (with proper medical supervision). For instance, adding some appetite suppressants such as Calocurb will help you curb snacking, which will help you follow your diet and manage diabetes. Safe to say, there’s scope for natural remedies to work and even potentially reverse diabetes altogether!

Looking for a list of natural remedies to include in your regimen right away?

Here are eight that are known to be effective

  1. Berberine
  2. Berberine, an active ingredient found in foods like barberry, Coptis, goldenseal, etc., is known to regulate both glucose and fat metabolism, the two main metabolic pathways affected when one has diabetes. What’s more, it also lowers your HbA1c or your average blood glucose for two to three months. Keep in mind that this is a natural remedy and it can also interfere with traditional pharmaceuticals. Hence, always consult a qualified medical practitioner to determine the right dosage for you that works well with existing medication.

  3. Chromium
  4. Chromium in the form of chromium picolinate is known to regulate both glucose and fat metabolism. Including chromium-rich foods in your diet such as brewer’s yeast can be of great help in managing diabetes. However, be wary of this dietary supplement if you suffer from kidney disease, or better yet, consult a doctor before including chromium-rich superfoods in your diet. 

  5. Barley
  6. Being a rich source of fiber, it is a well-known fact that barley reduces appetite. According to a study by Lund University, the humble cereal also plays a major role in reducing blood sugar, increasing insulin levels as well as raising insulin sensitivity. More reason to include the grain in your diet? Well, we think so.

  7. Apple Cider Vinegar
  8. Apple cider vinegar has been a trusted household remedy to manage fat loss for a long time. But according to one study, it can also help reduce blood sugar in the short term, thanks to its anti-glycaemic effect.

  9. Bitter Melon
  10. Another superfood you must watch out for in your quest to reverse diabetes is bitter melon. Why? Some studies suggest it might have insulin-like compounds that play a role in lowering blood sugar. However, some other studies have been far less promising, so the verdict is yet to come.

  11. Malabar Tamarind
  12. Diabetes and high cholesterol are highly interlinked, and it is common to find people with diabetes suffering from high cholesterol too. Want to combat both these problems in one go? Some research has found that including Malabar tamarind in your diet cuts down the amount of LDL aka bad cholesterol.

  13. Gymnema
  14. According to a study with 65 people, gymnema leaves were effective in increasing glycemic control in people with type-2 diabetes. Though the evidence is preliminary, the herb is a promising natural remedy to manage the chronic illness. As a result, it should be taken only under the supervision of a trusted medical professional.

  15. Aloe Vera
  16. There is some research to show that Aloe vera can potentially reduce both fasting blood glucose levels as well as HbA1c averages, however, these are only preliminary results. What’s more, the natural remedy might also reduce your blood sugar levels too quickly leading to glycemia, along with acting as a laxative. This makes it extremely important to include aloe into your diet only in the quantities specified by your doctor.

    Final word

    Natural remedies usually provide the exciting prospect of combating disease with minimal side effects. So, it’s no surprise that people are always looking out for them. However, it is also crucial to remember diseases like diabetes are extremely complex, and hence the scientific verdict on many of these might take a long, long time. In the meantime, you could always include the proven safe remedies into your diet, of course, only after consulting a medical professional.


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