7 Shocking Factors That Can Cause Blood Sugar Imbalance

7 Shocking Factors That Can Cause Blood Sugar Imbalance

Do you frequently feel tired, grumpy, or hungry after a meal? Chances are you might be experiencing symptoms of blood sugar imbalance.

What leads to blood sugar imbalance? In order to understand this, you should know the role of insulin in maintaining blood sugar levels. After a meal, your body processes the food into glucose. It travels to every cell of your body through your blood and gets converted into energy. So, after you eat, the amount of glucose in your blood (aka your blood sugar level) rises. Your body then releases insulin to bring your blood sugar back to normal. 

If you eat sweets and high carbohydrate foods often, your blood sugar rises rapidly. In response, your body can end up releasing too much insulin. The result? Your blood sugar levels plummet, making you feel tired, grumpy, and hungry again! 

Keeping your blood sugar levels in check should be a health priority for you, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle with long working hours. However, many of you are unaware of some of the reasons that can lead to blood sugar imbalance. Read on to find out.

Factors That Can Cause Blood Sugar Imbalance

  1. Dehydration 
  2. Dehydration can affect your health in different ways. If you do not drink enough fluids, the sugar in your circulatory system becomes more concentrated, leading to high blood sugar. What's worse, high blood sugar can cause you to urinate frequently and lead to dehydration. To maintain healthy blood sugar, drink plenty of water and calorie-free drinks. If you have an active lifestyle, you may need to consume more water.

  3. Artificial Sweeteners 
  4. Many health-conscious folks opt for diet drinks as a substitute for regular soda. It’s a myth that diet beverages don't spike blood sugar level.  Some of the findings of this research suggest that artificial sweeteners may lead to impaired glucose homeostasis. Additionally, some non-caloric sweeteners can also cause your stomach to get upset and lead to diarrhoea , causing dehydration. 

    If sugar-free drinks are part of your lifestyle, consume them in moderation to prevent blood sugar imbalance. It is best to replace sugar-free drinks with plain water and seltzer. 

  5. Menstrual Cycles
  6. Hormonal changes during your premenstrual phase can affect your blood sugar temporarily.

    If you notice that your blood sugar often shoots up during the week before your period, consider cutting back on carbohydrates during those days. If you're taking insulin, talk to your doctor about adjusting your medication to accommodate hormonal changes.

  7. Lack of Sleep
  8. Sleep deprivation is a form of chronic stress on the body, which directly causes your blood sugar levels to skyrocket. According to a review published in December 2015 in Diabetes Therapy, improper sleep can interfere with glucose control in people with all types of blood sugar conditions, especially type-2 diabetes. 

    You can combat this by improving your sleep quality and duration. Establish a sleep routine, and get seven to nine hours of solid shut-eye every night. 

  9. Extreme Weather 
  10. Extreme temperatures can interfere with your blood sugar control, especially if you have one or more types of blood sugar conditions like diabetes or pre-diabetes. Try to stay indoors during such weather and monitor your sugar levels frequently. If you see that weather changes impact your sugar levels, consult your doctor. 

  11. Traveling
  12. While jet lags are inconvenient for everyone, they can be worse for people with all types of blood sugar control issues. The time-zone changes can disrupt your routine, medication schedule, eating, and sleeping hours. This disruption can interfere with blood sugar control. 

    Eat and drink mindfully on your vacation. If you have a busy day of sightseeing, do not go hungry for long hours. Instead, pack some healthy snacks such as dry fruits and a water bottle to help you stay hydrated. 

  13. Excess Caffeine
  14. Too much caffeine can cause dehydration and disrupt your sleep cycle. However, when it comes to blood sugar levels, everyone's body responds to caffeine differently. 

    One research suggests that too much caffeine may increase your blood sugar, while new research suggests it may help maintain blood sugar levels. 

    You must monitor your blood glucose to observe how caffeine affects your body. If you experience blood sugar imbalance symptoms often, consider cutting back.

    Chances of diseases due to blood sugar imbalance whether low or high

    Over time, blood sugar imbalance can damage your body and endanger your life. According to statistics released by WHO, adults with diabetes are: 

  • Two to three times as likely to experience heart attacks.
  • Prone to nerve damage in the feet, leading to gangrene and limb amputation.
  • At a higher risk of kidney failure.
  • At high risk of blindness. Diabetes causes insidious damage to the nerve endings of your retina. 

Staying Healthy is Easy with Calocurb

Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the two major causes of diabetes. With almost half the population around the world working from home, the habits of unhealthy snacking added with excessive stress increase chances of developing sugar imbalance. Considering this, it is advisable to follow a healthy diet, curb on snacking on unhealthy foods and avoid binge eating. While a lot of people follow intermittent fasting, they find it difficult to curb their hunger and continue with their fast. An easy way out in such a situation is to include appetite suppressants to your diet. Made of 100% natural ingredients, Calocurb helps you curb on snacking and binge eating. The scientifically proven appetite suppressant significantly decreases hunger while fasting and also decreases hunger during meal times.

In conclusion

If you are experiencing blood sugar imbalance symptoms, take action now, for prevention is better than cure. It is vital to keep your blood sugar levels in your target range as much as possible to help prevent chronic health complications. 

Maintaining control over your sugar levels can be rewarding, protect you from health adversities, and also help improve your energy and mood.


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