Calocurb Review - Newly single, hold the Pringles!

Calocurb Review - Newly single, hold the Pringles!

The end of Vanessa’s relationship kickstarted an incredible health & wellbeing journey. With a new fitness routine, better diet and a little help from calocurb, she’s a woman on a mission and the 7 lb she’s lost is just the start!

After a long time, you stop playing it out in your head and stop worrying about what it all means. Instead, you pick yourself up and recognise the change for what it is – a chance to grow, to start a journey to a more confident and outgoing me.

Separating from my partner of more than 20 years will always be a turning point for me. We built a life together starring two beautiful boys, now 10 and 3. The separation was a long-time coming and the best thing for all of us.

 Now, in the first year of my new life, I’m beginning to really believe that old saying - every cloud has a silver lining. I’m moving forward in my health, my hobbies and as a mother. I feel a renewed sense of self-confidence and ownership of my life. The new me starts from the inside out and that means getting to grips with my health.

Describing my relationship with the gym as on & off would be putting it kindly. I’ve always enjoyed the great outdoors – snowboarding and dirt-biking in particular – but both slipped way down the priority list when the boys came along.

 When it comes to food, I’m forever dieting. The list of fads and programs I’ve jumped on is long – Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, paleo, protein shakes and prescription medications to name a few. I’ve tried them all and nothing stuck for good.

 For most of my adult life, I’ve tried to shift that last 15 lb. I know where it comes from too – I drink a little too much, overindulge on carbs, eat on-the-go and struggle to resist salty snacks. It’s not rocket science…

My problem has always been the juggling act that is motherhood. My boys will always be priority number one for me, but that has consequences. Take dinner for example. My eldest has gone vegan, my youngest eats like a typical 3-year old and I’m stuck in the middle. Want to guess which meal gets left off the menu?

 In juggling work, a changing relationship and the responsibilities of a mum, it’s often my diet that suffers. I tend to rely on food on-the-go and quick fixes to keep all those plates spinning.

 But all that is changing.

The silver lining of the separation is an opportunity to take control of my health & wellbeing. Newly single and with a little more time on my hands, I’m starting to re-engage with the things I love. I’m starting to prioritise me again.

 I’m back at the gym 3 times a week, part of an 8-week challenge to lose that lingering 15 lb, and I’m loving it! I’ve even booked in a winter snowboarding getaway.  I’m also making positive changes on the food front, and that’s where calocurb comes in.

Side by side with my fitness goals has been a switch from on-the-go snacks to regular, healthy meals. When it comes to my diet, I feel like I’m finally on the right track and making better food choices. I’m looking at food more critically, recognising that every snack is undoing all that hard work in the gym.

 Salty snacks are my weak point, with afternoons and early evenings my danger zone. I still sneak a treat every now and then, but nothing like the old me. It starts at the supermarket – I’m just not buying those unhealthy snacks anymore. I have a little more willpower to say no in the shopping aisle and at home.

 The first week with calocurb was a bit of a diet roller-coaster. I think the hops flower extract is particularly effective for me, because on day one, I couldn’t eat a thing! That didn’t last long though. A month later and I’ve found a natural rhythm at 1-2 calocurb capsules a day to cut calories at lunch and pre-dinner snacking.

 So, here I am. After a lot of hard sessions at the gym, eating better and a little help from calocurb - I’ve lost 7 lb and dropped a dress size!

The real change is the active choice I’ve made and finding the grit to move forward with my health, wellbeing and self-confidence. No pill, workout routine or diet plan will work unless the core reason motivating the change is real. I’ve learned that the hard way.

 Instead, I’ve found a new reserve of willpower I never knew I had, and it’s been enough to kickstart a journey of self-discovery and self-confidence.

 I can’t wait to see where it takes me.



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