Calocurb Review - Food and Focus: How Shelley cuts cravings at work

Calocurb Review - Food and Focus: How Shelley cuts cravings at work

Marketing manager and Mom on-the-go, Shelley lost 9 lb and found the freedom to work on her terms.

When I turned 40, I took time to reflect. Busy, was the first thing that came to mind.    

Two on-the-go kids and a busy job in marketing doesn’t leave a lot of time for lounging. 5:40am starts, four exercise sessions a week, keeping my family healthy, clients happy and the house clean all take time. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

I’ve always found time for the things that matter, but reflecting on 40 revealed something that time couldn’t fix. Almost overnight, my metabolism slowed down and my body changed. My usual consistent weight started creeping ever upward and I started to take my relationship with food more seriously.

Work, it turned out, was where the trouble lay. My diet at home and with friends has always been pretty good – home-made muesli for breakfast and fresh, whole foods for dinner with the family. The office on the other hand, was my diet danger zone.

For years, my relationship with food at work had been a subconscious tug of war – productivity on one side and cravings and hunger on the other. I started really looking at how food impacted my ability to concentrate, add value in meetings and just get on with my many daily tasks.

The rumblings usually start at around 11:00am. Protein shakes helped silence my stomach but not for long. By 11:30am I would be thinking more about lunch than the job at hand. By 12:00pm it was down to the cafeteria for a stuffed roll, box of sushi or large noodle salad – the more filling the better! Come 3:00pm, it was time to satisfy my sweet tooth and again while cooking dinner.

Looking back, the lack of food was like a brain-power handbrake for me. It defined what I did and when. I felt like hunger was in control of my to-do list, instead of me.

So, more aware of my relationship with food at work and feeling my body change, I decided to try something new. It wasn’t the first time. I was a yo-yo on intermittent fasting and had tried Garcinia Cambogia before with no success. I wasn’t really expecting calocurb to be any different.

3 months later and here I am - 9 lb lighter and taking charge of my to-do list at work!


I take my calocurb at 10:30am and 3:30pm most days and have felt and seen a real change in my relationship with food at work. Put simply, I’m back in control.

I’m able to concentrate without hungry thoughts about lunch or sweet snacks popping into my head. Lunch can make way for urgent tasks or meetings without any stress or lack of focus. I’m getting more done because I’m able to treat food like anything else on my to-do list, flexible around me and my time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to lunch. But on calocurb days I’m confident to pick a salad over a serving of carbs, knowing that the 3:00pm hunger pang will be kept in check. 

My calocurb lives in my desk at work. Weekends are for long brunches, lunches and meals with friends and family after all. But that’s the kind of flexibility I feel I’ve gained – a little freedom from hungry thoughts so I can focus on my work, my family and the things that make me feel fabulous at 40.  



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