Calocurb Review - Adiós to overeating

Calocurb Review - Adiós to overeating

Big lunches and sweet treats were a part of life for Patricia back in Colombia. Here’s how a new lifestyle and calocurb are helping her live 14 lb lighter!

I have a memory that stands out - my mother locking the fridge to stop my snacking.

From an early age, I’ve struggled with my weight and relationship with food. The locked fridge was just my mother’s way of trying to help me find a healthier balance.

Growing up in Colombia, food was always about family, friends and coming together. Big lunches were normal and something to be cherished. I loved eating in such a happy, social setting.

What I didn’t love however, were lifelong cravings for chocolate, ice-cream and all things sweet.

16 years ago, my daughter and I moved halfway around the world to New Zealand. Overnight, our South American diet and lifestyle now felt strange and out-of-place. Now I had two diet challenges to face in my life!

The long, social lunch that had been the cornerstone of my family, friends or workplace collided with the quick, eat-at-your desk meal my co-workers were used to. Even my daughter struggled, teased by other children for bringing big lunches to school.

I tried and failed to cut down my portions and re-train my body to a Western diet. Instead, I spent hours each week preparing big meals for lunch, often with my slow cooker. The big long lunch was a wonderful reminder of my home and culture, but it took time and planning and made eating out for dinner difficult.

I was looking for something to help me balance my meals and cut my sugar craving when I found calocurb.

Today, I’m 14 lb lighter and have never looked back!

The biggest change? These little ‘magic pills’ have really helped me cut down on sugary snacks. Normally, my afternoons weren’t complete without a few mid-afternoon chocolates or in the evening, I would too often reach for that second helping of ice-cream. I just don’t anymore! I don’t think about and I don’t need it. It’s a food freedom I’ve been looking for my whole life.

Calocurb also helps me be more flexible at lunchtime and eat lighter portions. If time is tight or I’m heading out to dinner with friends, I’ll choose a salad or a soup over a big meal, knowing that calocurb will keep that crippling afternoon hunger in check. I feel like I’m making the decisions now, not my stomach!

What has all this meant for me? I’m a proud, South American woman so I’ve never been afraid of my curves! But with smaller portions and less sugar weighing me down, I’m living, feeling and looking lighter. I feel more agile and I’m even back on the bicycle and exercising more regularly.

I’m a happier, more confident me because my relationship with food is back in balance. 


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