10 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Digestion Naturally

Speed Up Digestion Naturally

Do you experience bloating, constipation and heartburn often? These are signs of a poor digestive system. If you overlook these symptoms, they can become severe and lead to diseases like hemorrhoids, which can impact your overall health for years to come.

While these symptoms are a cause of concern, don’t be frightened! You can treat your digestion concerns naturally by incorporating a few life-changing habits.

Here are the ten best ways to address your concerns about “How to speed up digestion?” By regularly practicing them, you are more likely to have a healthy life.

  1. Adopt a Fiber-Rich Diet
  2. A high fiber diet including whole grains, green vegetables, fruits, etc., speeds up your digestion by keeping the food movement active in your digestive tract, thus reducing the chances of constipation. Furthermore, it also prevents digestive conditions like hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), etc., and promotes good health.

  3. Say No to Junk Food
  4. When you are busy in office meetings, or conferences, junk food always finds a way to you. Unfortunately, junk food isn’t great for your digestive system. How? Junk food like pizza and burgers have low fiber and water content. In contrast, high amount of saturated fats in fast food slows down your digestion process leading to problems like bloating, constipation, etc. However, you can have a balanced diet by pairing fatty food with fiber-rich foods to smooth out digestion.

  5. Have Probiotics in your Diet
  6. Incorporating probiotic-rich food like low-fat yogurt or kefir enhances nutrient absorption, strengthens your immune system and promotes healthy bacterial growth in your intestine, which naturally speeds up your digestion process.

  7. Prioritize Sleep
  8. Poor sleep affects your digestion adversely, resulting in abdominal pain. Recent studies show that following a proper sleep schedule according to your age promotes healthy digestion and also boosts your overall energy. So, make sleep a priority. 

  9. Eat on Schedule
  10. One solution to speed up digestion is to follow a schedule for eating. For example, if you have your lunch, breakfast, and dinner at a scheduled time every day, your digestive system performs better.

  11. Eat Mindfully
  12. You may think about how to speed up digestion by eating mindfully. Mindful eating allows all your senses to indulge by paying attention to what and how you are eating. The art of eating will enable you to eat slowly and as per your hunger requirements. As a result, it avoids the chances of over-eating and maintains a sound digestion system.

    If you are prone to emotional eating, natural appetite suppressants like Calocurb can easily help manage your hunger pangs.

  13. Skip bad habits
  14. Habits like smoking, alcohol consumption or excessive intake of coffee can reduce digestion and cause problems like ulcers and heartburn. So, you should control these habits or even get rid of them to improve your overall health.

  15. Workout daily
  16. A regular walking exercise for around 30 minutes is good for reducing constipation. Moreover, it also reduces inflammatory bowel diseases. You can try taking a walk after a meal, allowing easy food movement through your digestive system and speeding up the process. Regular exercise keeps you active and reduces being overweight, maintaining your digestive system functions.

  17. Stay hydrated
  18. Low liquid intake causes hard bowel movements. Experts say, you should drink eight glasses of water every day. You can also increase your fluid intake through herbal tea or by consuming fruits and vegetables like cucumber, strawberry, tomatoes, peaches, etc., that are high in water. Proper water intake ensures softer stools, reduces constipation and speeds up digestion.

  19. Don’t be stressed
  20. Have you ever had indigestion and had no idea that it was due to stress? Yes, it is possible. Stress can lead to a lack of sleep. In addition, poor sleep disturbs your digestion, which further causes heartburn, acidity, etc., degrading your mental and physical health.

    So, when stressed, try to handle the emotion in healthy ways like exercising, practicing relaxation techniques that work best for you. Once you learn coping strategies, you will see your health getting better in multiple ways, including an excellent digestive system.


    Now you know how to speed up digestion, you can start incorporating these tips into your daily life, one day at a time. Old habits are hard to get rid of, you may find the process challenging, but you can reach your goal if you stick to your plan.

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