Does Pain Sleeplessness Cause Body Aches?

Does Pain Sleeplessness Cause Body Aches?

If sleeplessness wasn't already a significant inconvenience in itself, it brings added health concerns with it. It's known that your body repairs and maintains itself while you sleep. A good night's sleep recharges your mind and body, making you feel fresh after waking up. But if you're having trouble sleeping and constantly experience body aches, the reason might not just be a poor sleeping environment. 

Insomnia can not only have long-term effects on your physical health but also affects your mental ability. It prevents your body from functioning normally and increases your risk of developing chronic pain, and it can make a mild pain feel unbearable.

And if you're experiencing both insomnia and body aches, there's a big possibility that you'll find a connection between them.

Ways in which Insomnia can lead to Chronic Pain

  • Insomnia reduces pain tolerance
  • Sleep and pain are closely tied and have a reciprocal relationship. A lack of adequate sleep reduces your pain tolerance, and body pain affects the quality of your sleep. According to a report published in The Journal of Neuroscience, improper sleep patterns upset the pain centers of your brain and affect your perception and reaction to pain. This makes you more sensitive to discomfort. 

  • Insomnia increases stress
  • The absence of ample sleep sends a distress signal to your body. Not getting enough sleep can increase your stress and anxiety levels, and both conditions can intensify your pain sensations. Moreover, inadequate sleep releases pro-inflammatory molecules that cause body pains. So if you're constantly experiencing muscle, joint, or neck pain, insomnia can be responsible.

  • Insomnia can develop painful chronic conditions
  • When your body lacks rest and recovery, it increases your risk of developing painful chronic conditions like sprains, headaches and muscle strains. Additionally, you are more likely to develop health issues like memory loss, mood swings, obesity, poor immune system, heart diseases and much more. Insomnia disturbs your body's ability to repair cells and tissues, causing you to experience body aches more frequently.

    Insomnia and body aches can lead to other symptoms like-

    • Weakness
    • Exhaustion
    • Fluctuations in body temperature
    • Symptoms of cold and flu
    • Pain in a particular body part

    The Takeaway

    Body aches linked to insomnia often negatively impact your overall health. 

    Altering your lifestyle to include a balanced diet and regular exercise can help you deal with insomnia-related health problems. You can also try 100% plant-based supplements like Calocurb, which naturally suppresses your appetite and enables you to develop better-eating habits. It is safe and free from harmful elements like chemicals, synthetics and caffeine.

    A poor sleep cycle heightens your pain sensitivity and causes discomfort. If you find yourself trapped between inconsistent sleep and chronic pain, consult with a medical professional to begin treatment quickly. A prolonged delay in diagnosing the cause of your health condition can hamper the functioning of your body and give rise to other severe symptoms. Adopt a healthy lifestyle today and reap its benefits in the future.



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