Does Fasting Help With a Healthy Mindset

Does Fasting Help With a Healthy Mindset

Over the past decade, fasting has become a popular way for people to lose weight.

However, fasting has other health benefits aside from weight loss, such as reducing inflammation, improving heart health, aiding blood sugar control, and much more.

Recently, studies have found that fasting may have benefits for your brain and mindset.

This article helps the link between fasting and a healthy mindset.

Does fasting help with a healthy mindset?

Research on the health benefits of fasting are still quite new but very exciting. 

In particular, newer research suggests fasting may have benefits for your brain and mindset.

In mice studies, fasting appeared to have an anti-depressant like effect and helped improve hormone levels of tryptophan and serotonin —  two hormones that help lift your mood (1).

Also, fasting helped improve blood flow to the brain, which may help with anxiety and depression (1).

In adults, studies found that fasting appears to help reduce feelings of tension, anger, and confusion. Also, fasting helped people experience more positive emotions and lift their overall mood. For example, more people felt a greater sense of achievement and pride after intermittent fasting (2, 3, 4).

Although this research is promising, scientists still aren’t entirely sure why fasting appears to positively affect mood. More research in this area will help us understand this link better.


Studies in animals and humans show that fasting appears to help with a healthy mindset. 

Blog written by
Ryan Raman MHSC, RD



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