10 Signs of Low Vitamin D: Causes & Treatments

10 Signs of Low Vitamin D: Causes & Treatments

Vitamin D is one of the most crucial vitamins for your overall well-being. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which is not found naturally in most foods. Your body naturally synthesizes vitamin D from your cholesterol when you expose your skin to sunlight. However, not everyone has access to natural sunlight in cold countries. As a result, many people are deficient in vitamin D.

Since vitamin D is responsible for so many things, from bone health to skin regeneration and mental well-being, its deficiency is a cause for concern. Do you suspect you might have low vit D levels? Here are 10 signs to watch out for.

Signs of low vitamin D

Here are some common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

#1 Falling sick frequently

Do you feel under the weather often? Well, you might have low levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D strengthens your immune system against viruses and bacteria that cause illness. It interacts with your white blood cells that are responsible for fighting infection. In the absence of adequate vitamin D, it is easier to get sick with flu and cold.

#2 Fatigue and tiredness

Tiredness can arise from various factors, such as inadequate sleep, hunger, and dehydration. However, did you know that vitamin D deficiency can also be the culprit? Research shows that it can also contribute to chronic feelings of tiredness.

Unfortunately, many people overlook it as a potential cause and do not get tested.

#3 Aching bones

Vitamin D improves your body's absorption of calcium.

So, if you experience frequent bone pain and lower back pain, these may be signs of low vit D levels in the blood.

#4 Depression

Feeling blue? Research shows that a depressed mood may also indicate vitamin D deficiency, particularly in older adults.

#5 Delayed healing of skin

If your wounds, cuts, rashes, and scabs are not healing well, you might have poor vitamin D levels. This is because vitamin D increases the production of those compounds that are crucial for forming new skin.

#6 Low bone density

While calcium is the most vital nutrient for bone health, vitamin D also plays a crucial role. Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. So, if your bone density is decreasing or you have osteoporosis, you should get your vitamin D levels tested.

#7 Hair loss

Severe hair loss, also called alopecia, is an autoimmune disease. It causes rapid hair loss from the head and other body parts. If your body isn't producing sufficient vitamin D, your immune system suffers, which can lead to hair loss.

#8 Muscle pains

When you experience pain, your nerve cells called nociceptors sense it. These nerve cells also have vitamin D receptors.

There is scientific evidence that a vitamin D deficiency is linked to muscle pain in both children and adults.

#9 Weight gain

Are you putting on pounds despite dieting and working out? You might have low Vitamin D levels. Research shows that a vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of weight gain and obesity.

#10 Anxiety

There may be links between vitamin D deficiency and anxiety disorders. According to one review, people with anxiety have low levels of vitamin D.

Causes Of Low Vitamin D

  • Increasing age
  • Obesity
  • Not eating fish or dairy regularly
  • Living in cold, dark countries where there is little or no sunlight.
  • Staying indoors
  • Chronic kidney disease, liver disease, or hyperparathyroidism
  • Health conditions that prevent nutrient absorption, such as Crohn's disease or Celiac disease
  • Undergoing gastric bypass surgery

How To Treat Vitamin D Deficiency?

If you have low levels of vitamin D, talk to your doctor. They might prescribe you vitamin D supplements such as pills or injections, depending upon your needs.

Doctors recommend eating more vitamin D rich foods. These include fatty fish, egg yolks, milk, yogurt and beef liver. Sunlight allows the production of vitamin D naturally, so, your doctor may also recommend going outside often.

You should also make lifestyle changes to encourage the absorption and production of vitamin D. Start by maintaining a healthy body weight. If you have trouble sticking to a diet and exercise routine, Calocurb can help you achieve your weight goals. The active ingredient Amarasate in the supplement makes you feel satiated. So, you can overcome cravings and keep your calorie intake in check.

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