The best foods to break your fast and ease you into Christmas Day

The best foods to break your fast and ease you into Christmas Day
Dreaming of the Christmas spread in T minus 2 days? Us to.

If you are fasting or taking it a little easy on food in the lead up to Christmas Day, you may want to be kind to your body by working up to the feast with a bit of tenderness and care. Choose a day-before-feasting-meal breaker that’s gentle on your stomach and kind to your metabolism.

Foods to Eat

✅ Protein
Having a small portion of protein at your first meal, such as salmon or chicken, can be a good option because they provide essential amino acids to help rebuild and repair the body. Just be careful not to overdo it! Your stomach may have decreased in size throughout your fast or decrease in calories, so you’ll want to avoid binging.

✅ Vegetables
Aim for less-starchy vegetables, and cook them in healthy fats (avocado oil, grass-fed butter, etc.). These fats will serve as fuel, and the sautéing will break down the structural elements of the vegetables, making them easier to digest.

✅ Bone Broth
Bone broth can be a tasty addition to incorporate into your fasting schedule or even as a delicious pick me up to help with your eating plan. Bone broth contains numerous vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids and other components that can help the body and gut function. It’s the perfect addition to your meal plan leading up to the big feast.

Foods to avoid:

❌ Processed Carbs
Be kind to your blood sugar, and avoid big blood sugar spikes. Your body can be extra sensitive to carbohydrates immediately following a fast or small meal, so a lot of added sugars or processed carbohydrates could send your insulin spiking through the roof. 

Foods such as pastries, crackers, pasta, chips, and candies, provide little benefit to us, and more importantly, can trigger events in our bodies that may eventually lead to chronic disease. These types of foods can lead to spikes in blood sugar and lipids, which have been shown to elevate markers of disease such as oxidative stress and inflammation, as well as increase your risk for heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

❌ Lactose
You’ll probably want to avoid high-lactose dairy in the lead up to a big feast. This includes milk, yogurt, and ice cream. So, start with dairy-free products, or at least low lactose dairy such as butter, hard cheeses, and lactose-free milk.

❌ Cruciferous Vegetables
Raw cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts can be especially difficult to digest. So consider steaming or sautéing the veggies first, which may be a little easier on your gut.

Fermentation of these veggies in the large intestine can ultimately promote a healthy microflora, so once you’ve returned to your regular diet, they should be back on the menu. Just make sure to re-introduce slowly to avoid gas and bloating.

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