Reducing The Food Noise In Your Head

Reducing The Food Noise In Your Head

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about food, planning your next meal, or trying to ignore cravings? Many refer to constant thoughts surrounding food and eating as “food noise.” Some amount of food noise and cravings is normal and healthy, but when it gets to be too much, it can impact weight loss efforts and be exhausting to deal with.

Read on as we explore what food noise is, exactly, and share tips for silencing it with the help of Calocurb.

What is food noise?

Hunger is a sensation  that you need to eat. It’s your body’s way of telling you you need more fuel, an essential part of staying alive. Food noise and constant cravings become problems when the gut-brain connection gets out of whack. 

Your brain and your gut communicate constantly, and a complex network of digestive hormones plays a crucial role in helping you feel hungry or full. These include ghrelin (the “hunger” hormone), leptin (one of the “fullness” hormones), and gut peptides like glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) considered to be an appetite-suppressing hormone.

Often, the amount of food noise people experience may also be tied to learned habits, hormones, and environmental influences. People who have a lot of food noise may find it harder to lose and maintain weight because they can’t seem to get constant thoughts about food out of their heads. Studies show that people who think more about snacks are more likely to snack more often, particularly on high-calorie foods.

For people who live with food noise, they aren’t just thinking about what they might make for dinner; they’re facing constant chatter even when they’re full. They may find themselves constantly planning their next meal or snack, thinking over their eating behaviours, or obsessing over whether what they’re eating is healthy or not. Trying to suppress food-related thoughts only makes you more likely to experience cravings, binge eat, and engage in other disordered eating behaviours. Women are also more likely to report trying to suppress food noise.

Calocurb has been clinically demonstrated to reduce overall hunger in men by 30% during a 24 hour water-only fast, as seen in Figure 1 below: 

Figure 1: After one hour of Calocurb, the feelings of hunger are significantly reduced compared to placebo by up to 30%,and levels were sustained for four hours. 

The recently published 2023 clinical trial demonstrated that women have an increased sensitivity to Amarasate, the active ingredient in Calocurb and demonstrated a reduction in cravings by up to 40% (Figure 2.) and a reduction in rebound eating by up to 14%!

Figure 2: After one hour of Calocurb, overall cravings were significantly reduced compared to placebo by up to 40% during a 24-hour water-only acute intermittent fasting study. 

Calocurb is an effective and affordable solution to managing appetite suppression and cravings outside of your usual eating window and reduces caloric intake at meal-times by 18%. 

Calocurb has sold over 120,000 bottles worldwide, and many customers rely on Calocurb as “it has most certainly helped me stop snacking, which was the promise” as well as reducing the effects of food noise and emotional eating: “As someone who has struggled with emotional overeating for most of my life, this is the first product that has helped me.”

Having two capsules one hour before your main meals, regardless of your diet, especially when you know you experience cravings the most, will allow you to feel more full, for up to four hours. One of our customers mentioned that they were “finding it difficult to control snacking in the evenings. As soon as I started on Calocurb, it became much easier, and I have successfully shed 10 kg with my keto eating habits.”

Calocurb is the world’s only patented 100% natural appetite control supplement, with three human clinical trials published. The patented active ingredient Amarasate has been demonstrated to increase the levels of appetite-suppressing gut peptides (GLP-1 and CCK) by up to 6 times from baseline, reduce overall hunger by 30% and reduce overall cravings by 40%.

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