Keeping Hydrated and Happy While Fasting

Keeping Hydrated and Happy While Fasting
Hydration, hydration, hydration is key! While fasting, and using a natural supplement like Calocurb to help you stick to your fasting schedule, it's essential to keep your fluid intake high. This keeps you hydrated and replaces any fluid, minerals and salts found in meals previously consumed outside of your eating window.   
Here are four fasting approved drinks, to enjoy during your fasting window. 
You've got to get that H2O! Water is the best choice to have all day, every day. You can jazz up your water if fasting with still or sparkling, with a squeeze of lemon, or lime – whatever you prefer. You can also try infusing your water with cucumber, mint, or orange slices to keep your water bottle fresh and tasty. Or adding an electrolyte to your water, which contains essential minerals and vitamins, will help replenish and hydrate you during fasting. [NZ/AUS – link to Calocurb Himalayan Based Electrolyte) 
Make sure you stay away from any artificially-sweetened water enhancers as the artificial sweetener can interfere with your fast. 
Black coffee is a calorie-free beverage that doesn't affect insulin levels. You can drink regular coffee (caffeinated) or decaf coffee during fasting windows. It's generally recommended not to add any milk in your coffee in your fasting window; however, it's widely accepted that anything under 50 calories will not break a fast. If you add a splash of milk to your coffee, it should be fine - it's called a 'dirty fast', and we can understand that some people are not a fan of black coffee!  
Or you can try adding some spices in your coffee to liven it up - spices like cinnamon are excellent! Many coffee-drinkers enjoy their coffees during fasting windows with no adverse effects. But some people experience a racing heart or upset stomach if they drink coffee during fasting windows, so monitor your own experience. 
Bone Broth 
Bone broth is a liquid containing brewed beef bones and other connective tissues. Bone broth is very rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and iron, which is great to drink during your fasting window, as well as your eating window.  
Calocurb bone broth is formulated using 100% grass-fed NZ beef and NZ grown vegetables. Slow-cooked and gently dried to effectively support wellbeing and gut health, our bone broth is developed to use during the transition from fast to food, with the primary aim to aid digestive relief. 
All types of tea are great to drink during a fast, including green, black, oolong and other herbal teas. Some herbal teas are a great alternative help with your sweet tooth, such as a fruit or liquorice tea.  
Hydration Heavy Q&As 
Can you drink soda while Intermittent Fasting? 
Even though diet soda is technically free of calories, it may inhibit the positive effects of fasting. Sugar-free diet drinks get their sweet taste from artificial sweeteners (like aspartame) which can create an insulin response. Therefore, you want to avoid drinking diet soda during your fasting windows. 
Can you drink almond milk, or coconut water while Intermittent Fasting? 
Almond milk and coconut water both tend to be very high in sugar. Sugar equals carbs, so as soon as you consume these, you are no longer considered to be fasting.  
Can you drink alcohol while Intermittent Fasting? 
It's best to limit alcohol consumption to your eating windows. Most alcoholic beverages are high in sugar and calories, so drinking alcohol can easily break your fast.