How I lost 11.4kgs in 12 weeks: My Calocurb and fasting journey

How I lost 11.4kgs in 12 weeks: My Calocurb and fasting journey

My name is Chris Mullane, and although I'm supposed to be retired, I'm not really because I love meeting people and staying active. I'm glad I discovered Calocurb a few years ago when it first launched in New Zealand. I was particularly impressed with the fact that the New Zealand government supported the research conducted by Plant and Food Research NZ.

When I first started taking Calocurb, it went well initially. However, I got busy with other things, and some family members who tried Calocurb with me experienced side effects like bloating and stomach aches. They didn't want to continue taking it. But a few years later, Calocurb re-packaged its capsules that contain the NZ Hops extract in smaller doses, making them easier to take. I started retaking it and appreciated the additional support materials, especially the fasting guide.

Initially, I hesitated to read too much into the fasting aspect, but the helpful information in the guide piqued my interest. I started researching the topic and found some fascinating research that supports the fasting guide. Calocurb provided the assistance I needed to start and continue fasting, which I had thought would be impossible. It was actually so easy I couldn’t believe it.

Calocurb's support materials include research from Dr Michael Mosley, a British MD who has published several books. The book I found most useful is "The Fast 800 - Australian & NZ edition," which offers practical explanations backed by research. Dr Mosley has tried and tested everything he recommends and provides helpful tips on why most diets don't work for most people.

The second book, a staple in our kitchen, is by his wife, Clare Bailey. It contains simple and delicious recipes that actually reduced our weekly food costs despite the current increases in the cost of living. 

Now, would you like an update on my health journey? I'm in my 12th week of doing 18:6, where I fast for 18 hours overnight and only eat during a 6-hour window, which begins at lunchtime. At first, I missed breakfast, but I was surprised at how easy it was to skip it. My grandkids have started calling my first meal of the day "brunch." I stop eating around 6 pm, sometimes a bit later, due to my lifestyle.

After 12 weeks, I have had no trouble with fasting, and I have lost 11.4 kg. I started at 92.7 kgs and now weigh 81.3 kgs. I plateau for a day or two once a week, but I don't worry about it or change my routine, and I continue with my Calocurb and fasting schedule.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, I stopped going to the gym and exercising at home. But now that I'm back on track with exercise, I feel great. I'm even picking up an exercise bike this afternoon. I've always thought I was 21, and now I actually feel like it again!

If you're considering giving Calocurb a try, go for it! You won't know until you try and have little to lose. It doesn't cost much to get started, and the starter pack includes a few things to help you begin. I may sound like a "born-again health nut," but I assure you that it works, and it's easy to start and maintain the program.