Dr. Terri Hall

Hear what Dr. Terri has to say about his own personal experience trialling Calocurb.


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Having tried everything short of ozempic I finally found something that works. I know it's safe because my cardiologist recommended it after reviewing the Science and trying it himself. It gets better each week. It has curbed my appetite so I can make healthy food choices. This has motivated me to stick with my daily 30 minute workout. Simply put - it's great and I highly recommend it.

Sheila D

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I am amazed at how well the product works! I have followed the instructions on how to take it, I haven’t needed to up the dosage from 2 capsules a day since it gives me great results with only that amount. So far I am doing great on my weight loss plan. I will continue to use it until I reach my goal.

Martha N

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I'm in my second week and can't believe how quickly my behaviour change. I already lost 1 kg . I'm not feeling hungry at all, unbelievable. But I'm having some dinner, my religious black coffee with 2 sugars I'm not missing anymore . So happy. I'll keeping going and I'll spread to the world. Finally I found something that works

Regina M